all4-GP North America Inc.provides manufacturing equipment and consumables to innovators in the North American ELECTRIC VEHICLE industry. Our suppliers for capital equipment include all4-PCB, Mass, Lauffer, Seria, Tongtai, Boffoto, First EIE, Group and Sowotech. Our supplier for press pads is Yamauchi and the cooper polyamide is Krempel. Our supplier for adhesives is Polytec PT.


Process Equipment

all4-GP offers all types of equipment for.

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all4-GP represents suppliers for consumables in the process of building a fuel cell, like reusable lamination press pads from Yamauchi and cooper clad polyamide from Krempel.

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All4-GP is a proud supplier of the adhesives from Polytec PT which has been supplying the EV Battery manufacturing companies with a great success in Europe.

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