all4-GP North America Inc.offers process solutions for EV battery assembly. MASS GmbH provides custom designed, conveyorized oven process equipment for battery assemblies, while Polytec is a market leader for potting, adhesive and sealing applications used where thermal heat transfer requirements are very important.


Process Equipment

MASS GmbH, Germany, provides custom, conveyorized oven solutions for various applications. Systems have been recently supplied to major EV battery manufacturers for automated drying / curing of adhesives involved in battery module assembly. For more information, please contact us.

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Thermal Management Materials: Adhesives, Gap Filler & Pads

all4-GP has partnered with well-known European adhesives (Polytec PT) to supply advanced thermal management adhesives, pastes and pads to battery assembly manufacturers. The advantages of the Polytec thermal management materials are their excellent conductivity, low cost, light weight and low content of abrasive fillers.

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