all4-GP North America Inc. is a California based manufacturer’s representative / machine installer with an equipment and materials portfolio ideal for innovators in the North American fuel cell industry. Our capital equipment partners include:
• all4-PCB (spray coaters)
• Mass (automated oven solutions specifically for fuel cell technology)
• Lauffer (laminators & metal forming equipment)
• Seria (screen printers)
• Tongtai (CNC routing)
• Boffoto (plasma surface treatment)
• GroupUp (sophisticated batch oven technology)
The companies that provide all the key process steps for chemically milling bipolar plates include:
• Sowotech (dry film lamination)
• First EIE (direct imaging)
• Sowotech (dry film resist lamination)
• Temgtai for resist developing, metal etching and dryfilm removal
Our materials suppliers include Yamauchi (re-usable lamination press pads), Krempel (metal clad films) and Polytec PT (electronics grade conductive and potting adhesives).

Process Equipment for MEA, PEM, SOFC & MCFC

all4-GP offers key equipment used in the production of the membrane electrode assembly (MEA) and bipolar plates typically found in Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM or PEMFC), Solid Oxide Fuel Cell (SOFC) and Molten-carbonate fuel cells (MCFC) technologies. This includes R&D scale as well as fully automated membrane lamination, spray coating, mutli-zone heating in conveyorized ovens, plate embossing, direct imaging, screen printing and wet process etching.

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all4-GP provide industry leading re-usable lamination press pads (Yamauchi) and release paper (Ahlstrom) to support hot lamination press requirements. These products help our customers reduce cost, scrape rates and improve product quality. Metal clad organic foils (such as PI) are offered by Krempel.

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all4-GP has partnered with a well-known European adhesive supplier (Polytec PT) to offer a diverse range of materials addressing electrical or thermal conductivity and encapsulation applications, as well as the possibility to develop customized formulations.

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