Printed Electronics


all4-GP is involved in the distribution of equipment and materials

used in Printed Electronics, ECA, Thermally Conductive, and
Biocompatible Encapsulant Adhesives involved in manufacturing


Printing Solutions

Screen Printing – Inkjet Printer for Printed Electronics 



Cut Sheet, Rigid & Flexible Substrate, Roll to Roll, Reel to Reel:



Prototyping inkjet Printer:





AE8006: SMT Chip Bonding – Solderable



Chemistry: Epoxy Resin
Application: Screen Printing
Filler: AU coated CU – 4-6Micron / 86%
Curing: 80Cx 30 minutes (pre) / 140C x 60 minutes (post)
Pot life: 1 day / Shelf life: 3 months frozen

SW180 Forming Circuitry – Solderable





SW600 Forming Circuitry – Solderable / Flexible:



Chemistry: Urethane Resin / Screen Printing – mesh count #360
Application: Screen Printing – mesh count #360
Filler: AU coated CU – 5 Micron/ 89% filler ratio
Curing: 130C x 30 minutes
Pot life: 1 day / Shelf life: 3 months refrigerated




ECA for Printed Electronics