LAUFFER Pressen stands for progress with tradition. Founded in 1872, the company built it’s first hydraulic press in 1927. Since then, thousands of their presses and systems are in use with their customers, worldwide, 365 days per year. Today’s LAUFFER portfolio encompasses the whole range – from single presses to fully automated press systems. The LAUFFER businessess units serve the metal forming and powder metal industry, the plastics – and rubber processing industry as well as the electronics, the cards, and the packaging industries.

Lauffer Card Lamination Systems

LAUFFER Card Laminating Systems comply with the most modern requirements. The most important process parameters such as temperature, pressure and pressing times can be adjusted seamlessly and independently. This means that all common card materials such as ABS, PVC, PC, PET, PS, PE and PP can be processed under optimal conditions. Our innovative control systems guarantee the highest quality of reproducibility.

The laminating systems are also available with the weight compensation for the heating plates and the vacuum in the heating press, so that even complicated card systems can be laminated.

 Features of the unique vacuum system:

  • upgradable at any time
  • eliminates all kinds of entrapped air/ gasses/ moisture in antenna’s, inlays and overlays
  • serves as a climate cabinet to pre-dry or re-condition materials
  • 20% higher stacks (10 to 12 assembled sheets)
  • no convection heat will leave the press influencing the environment
  • prevents dangerous gasses from entering the environment


Lauffer can develop custom designed systems depending on the customer’s requirements, utilizing:


  • from 1 to 12 openings
  • variable plate sizes for any card format (ID1, ID2 and ID3)
  • manual or fully automatic handling systems
  • water, oil or electrically heated
  • with pressing forces up to 3000 kN (with stepless adjustments)

Lauffer Compact Lamination System

New generation of twin-stack CLC Compact Lamination Systems:


  • Minimal footprint
  • Optimized heating technology
  • Plug and Play
  • Standardized options

Manual & Automatic Single Stack Systems

For the production of small lots sizes

The manual transfer device allows for effective loading of the press. On the loading and unloading side, the system is equipped with scissor lift tables to offer ergonomic convenience to the operator, and to make the transfer of a complete batch possible. The transfer tool allows for exact and fast transfer from the heating press into the cooling press. The press packages are laid-up on a table which is connected with the scissor lift tables by means of roller ball tables.