Otto Chemie has been supplying global leaders in the photovoltaic industry with customized silicone adhesives and sealants for more than a decade. They are perfectly equipped to adapt the properties of their products specifically to meet your requirements. You benefit from their knowledge and experience gained from over 40 years of research and development, production and industrial processing of special silicones. We support you all the way from prototype testing to serial application in production.

Otto Chemie has developed a special back-rail attachment adhesive for manufacturers of standardized as well as oversized modules, considering permanently changing loads and repeating harsh climate influences. Corrosion of mechanical parts can be avoided as silicone-based adhesives may serve as the sole fastening method.

Corner Connections

In addition to the standard requirements on bonding and sealing materials, OTTO focuses on niche applications of module manufacturing. In order to offer our customers ways and means to distinguish their finished products from others, OTTO provides tailor made solutions for corner connections.

Bonding of Junction Boxes

OTTO’s silicon adhesives promote a permanent bonding interface between J-Box and backsheets. Due to extensive research, formulations may be designed and modified according to specific requirements for: components, raw materials and process peripherals.

Potting of Junction Boxes

Development of OTTO’s silicon potting agents took place over years and is mainly influenced by feedback from module makers, J-box manufacturers and electrical interactions. Our pottant’s superior elasticity lowers internal modulus thereby reducing mechanical stress to the J-box interior. Low viscosity formulations allow for bubble-free filling of complicated volumes.

Back Rails

Products from OTTO R&D division rely heavily on customer input. After development, all products have passed an intensive phase of pre-testing prior to launch. Development of specially designed back-rail attachment adhesives for manufacturers of standard as well as over-sized modules considers permanentely changing loads.