Since 1962, Reinhardt-Technik GmbH & Co. has been at the forefront of the development and manufacturing of metering and mixing equipment. Reinhardt-Technik’s competence and constant ability to innovate ensure their position on the market. Reinhardt-Technik’s machines are used to process silicone, polyurethane, epoxy and polysulphide single and multi component resin systems together with many other hybrid sealants and adhesives.

They are designed to produce the most cost and time effective solutions combined with consistent product quality for the most demanding technical applications of their customers. Reinhardt- Technik’s ability to link their machines with robotic application equipment provides an advantage to customers with specific requirements.

Integrated Solar Module Process Solution

Process Integration:
Mixing & Dispensing Unit – Liquid Silicone Rubber (LSR)

Reinhardt Technik has been providing high-precision dispensing systems for the Liquid Silicone Rubber (LSR)
or Liquid Injection Molding (LIM) industry.

Bonding and sealing systems for PV, automotive and glass industry

  • Framing and sealing applications of solar-thermal, Si-wafer and applicable thin-film solar modules as well as CPV designs
  • Junction box adhesion and potting of electronic components
  • Sealing of structural and automotive glazing


Dispensing Technology • LSR 200ELA

LSR 200 ELA (200L/ 55 gallon drums)


  • Compact and space saving design two component metering and mixing plant, compatible for moving with a lift carriage or fork lift
  • Unique electric pressure and level control
  • The electric drive and pump are integrated together to regulate the material flow as save as a dosing unit can do
  • Pump unit requires less consumption or compressed air
  • The Reinhardt Technik LSR line enables simultaneous drum emptying with a maximum material residual of less than 1%
  • Operator friendly construction:

    • User friendly display
    • New color valve technology
    • Easy pressure relief
    • Integrated tripod 

      A smaller version, (20L/ 5 gallon pails) LSR 20 ELA is also available !!

Ecostar 250 For Two Component Dispensing Applications


  • Output: ca. 2.500 g/min (depending on viscosity)
  • adjustable mixing ratio
  • dosage control device
  • material shortage control
  • over-pressure safety device
  • follow plate for residue
  • mixing unit Alpha-Mix for Si with anti-adhesive coating
  • low-maintenance dosing pump sealing system
  • hydraulic dosing pump drive
  • relay control
  • empty drum warning system
  • 200L drum garage for ergonomic drum change
  • pot life control
  • follow plate heating unit for component A (only for PS/PU)
  • two-hand control press for 200L drum press
  • various options

    Also available Ecostar 150 and the bigger Ecostar 450 with output: ca. 4.500 g/min. 
    Consult us !

Dynamic Mix 3.0

Series Ecostar Dynamic


  • Processing unit for retrofit to existing 2-component metering and mixing machine
  • One-Way Mixer
  • Mixing chamber volume ca. 32 ccm
  • Output between 450 and 1100 ccm/min
  • Dimensions 700mm x 80mm x 100mm incl. swivel head
  • Dynamic mixer with disposable mixing chamber and two component swivel joint for integration into manual sealing plants
  • Savings of operating expenses up to US$15.000 per year through



  • Your current mixing and metering machine can easily be re-equipped with this new product
  • No more loss of material through rinsing processes
  • No more additional purchase costs of trumpet mixer; cost savings on material disposal